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  1. VWcart

    Where to connect 36 Volt to 12 Volt Regulator on 69 HD DE Electric Golf Cart

    I've got a 69 Harley DE model electric golf cart. Im trying to connect up 36 volt to 12 volt regulator for accessories. I thought I had it all working, but when I depress the accelerator the 36v at the regulator input goes to about 18v? The cart runs fine, but I suspect that the relay logic of...
  2. L

    1973 3 Wheeled HD Gas Golf Cart

    I am rebuilding a 1973 HD GOLF cart engine. I have found and purchased everything but the connecting rod bearing to the crankshaft. Any ideas where I could find one. Or find one close where I could hone the connecting rod out a bit so it would work?