1. S

    2015 EZGO TXT - Governor Engaging Randomly

    Hey guys- bought a 2015 EZGO TXT cart from a neighbor. Only variable since purchase is that I watered the batteries (48V - 6 batteries) using the Hydrolink system. Neighbor said he'd never experienced issues before. But a few days after watering (may be a coincidence, but again, only variable I...
  2. B

    2011 Club Car Precedent Not Driving Properly

    Hey guys! So I own a 2011 Club Car Precedent and I’ve been facing quite a few issues lately and it's not driving properly. When I drive the cart it often has a jerking motion. It doesn’t always come on instantly, but I’ll be driving along and suddenly I’ll encounter the cart doing a jerking...
  3. D

    Micro switch confusion

    Ok, let me try to explain this without confusing anyone who may be of help. I have a video if I need to send personally of the issue. I have a 92 gas club car. Ran great, no issues other than the governor box was cracked and held on to the cart with wire. So after running around last Friday on...
  4. HotRodCarts

    EZGO Governor Adjustment

    EZGO Governor Adjustment :ezgo: How To Adjust the Governor On a EZGO Gas Golf Cart You may have a cover that needs to be removed to access the governor adjustment. EZGO started using this cover a few years ago but once the cover is removed the adjustment is the same as the older models. Tighten...