governer linkage

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    86' Sun Classic Governor Swivel Joint

    Hi all, I just picked up an 86' Sun Classic G3A with the two stroke gas engine that is missing #23 per Yamaha parts diagram. Missing are: 26 90468-05112-00 CLIP 23 J10-14864-01-00 JOINT | LH THREAD 24 90170-05190-00 NUT, HEXAGON | LH THREAD 25 J24-14842-00-00 PLATE...
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    Jacobsen Throttle Linkage Sloppy

    So i have a Jacobsen 1996 utility cart, its running, ( smokes a little )...but all the throttle linkage from the gas pedal to the carburetor and governer spring is sloppy. I see the linkage ends are adjustable, should the mini heim joints have less slack? Do i loosen the lock nut and twist the...