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    EZGO steers farther left than right

    I just acquired a 2006 EZGO TXT 36 volt. When turning the wheel to the left the wheels turn sharply, when turning to the right the wheels don't turn much at all, maybe half of the normal position. I figured the cure would be to turn in the ball joint that comes out of the steering rack, but it...
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    Looking for factory 12.5:1 gears for 2004 Club Car DS trade my high speed gears

    Hi Guys I just purchased the above and it has the 6:1 high speed gears installed. Cart will run a little over 30 mph and will climb just fine. I have a gravel incline at my house that the cart goes right up with 10" wheels and 205 size tires on it. I bought cart for my kids to drive so need...
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    Club Car Precedent Need More Speed

    I have a 2008 Club Car Precedent with the stock Kawasaki Engine and I need more speed. It currently has a top speed of about 14 mph. I'd like to speed it up to around 20 or so but don't really want to mess with the governor or replace the engine. Is it possible to increase the speed this much...