1. T-Bone's Yami

    08 Yamaha Drive (Gas) Starting & Shifting Issues

    My 2008 Yamaha G29 Drive (Gas) golf cart won't start and the forward/reverse lever is stuck in the forward position. I drove it last Saturday and then parked it in the shed, without any issues, but the next morning when I went to pull it out of my shed, I noticed that I could not move the shift...
  2. D

    General Lift Questions

    I’ve installed a rear seat on my Yamaha gas G29 Drive, it’s clear I need heavy duty springs ASAP. During which I thought it would make sense to look at a lift kit along with the springs and I have some general lift kit questions and looking for reviews . This is a neighborhood cart used for...
  3. D

    Stereo In Yamaha Drive

    What is everyone doing to add a stereo to their Yamaha drive? Has anyone used the overhead stereo kit's? Do they work well and look good? I was looking at a dash mount kit from Jason's golf carts, but then how do you handle the speakers? There doesn't seem to be many dash options for the...