1. V

    1995 EZGO with NO Spark

    Good morning everyone and Happy Memorial Day Weekend! I have a question for the board, I am totally stumped. I have a 1995 EZGO gas engine cart. About a year ago it began to start funny when you pressed on the gas pedal. Around November my son was driving it and it just died, it would tun over...
  2. TXT


    EZGO 2002 TXT Freedom, 295cc, 6" lift.
  3. B

    Who Makes this Back Seat Kit

    Does anybody know who makes this back seat kit? It looks similar to a GTW Mach 3, but its not...
  4. TimeBurner

    EZGO Motor Horsepower? (AMD 73445-G02 DE2-4007 36v)

    I have a 2004 EZGO TXT with an AMD 73445-G02 DE2-4007 36 volt motor. On the web, I see this motor rated at 2.25 HP in some places and at 4.45 HP in others. Which is correct?
  5. L

    2001 EZGO TXT Golf Cart Problem With Lithium Batteries

    I have a 2001 36 v EZGO txt cart. I installed 2 brand new lithium batteries to replace the 6 acid batteries that came with the cart. When I take the cart down the road, maybe 200 feet, the battery meter drops from 100% to 45%. When I stop driving the percentage slowly climes back up to 98%. Also...
  6. R

    Ezgo 95 Metalist 36 Volt Series conversion to 48 Volt 5KW-600 amp DC to AC Navitas

    I want to put the Fwd/Rev switch on the dash. I removed all the wiring, Controller, Selenoid, Fwd/Rev mechanism including the mechanical arm on the entire 36 Volt series Cart. I have full replacement parts for converting to a 48 Volt system with a Navitas AC Motor. I can't figure out how to wire...
  7. T

    EZGO TXT Will Run and Lose Power Then Slow Down to a Dead Stop

    I recently purchased a used 2012 electric 36v Ezgo txt from a private seller. The issue we’re having is when we are driving it in forward it will go and then all of a sudden it just loses power and slows down to a dead stop. Once you turn the key off and on again or switch from neutral back to...
  8. S

    EZ-GO TXT Accelerator Problem

    We have a ~2002 EZ-GO TXT with a curtis controller. We replaced the batteries with Lithium Ion batteries 18 months ago. When you press down the accelerator, the cart goes to 100% acceleration immediately rather than gradually ramping up, then if you continue to press further, when you'd get to...
  9. M

    1990 EZGO Marathon Blows Ignition Fuse

    Hello. New to the forum. Bought a 1990 EZGO Marathon 2 stroke. Had wiring issue and melted wires an hour after riding. Rewired the melted wires. Put in new ignition switch, solenoid, starter generator, and added fuse on ignition line according to the wire diagram. Engine runs like a top. Ran the...
  10. Honey Badger

    Honey Badger

    EZGO project
  11. S

    Club Car with EZ-GO Charger

    Hi everybody! I recently bought a 1986 Club Car DS 36v. It runs but it's slow. I'd like to convert it to 48v as I already have a 48v charger. Problem is it's an EZ-GO Delta-Q SC-48 charger. I happen to have a spare receptacle and charger controller that I'm thinking about installing on my cart...
  12. C

    EZGO Workhorse Robin Engine Only One Spark to Plugs

    OK guys. I have been working on the same no spark thing on a EZGO Workhorse. Some time back a couple of years, it seemed I replaced the coil and it went back to work. However, last year, it began to have an intermittent fading, which seemed to be ignition related, so I would pause and drive it...
  13. whiteGIANT510

    Zap Xebra

    I had a Zap Xebra nev that was stolen from me in 2020 but it was recalled so I couldn't report it. (Long story) I found it at a local tow yard wrecked. Apparently they have had it since a week after it was stolen. Anyway I can get it back for $200 and it still runs I'm thinking about pulling...
  14. A

    Battery Indicator Not Going Up

    Good afternoon, just picked up a 2017 TXT48 with batteries that are 6 months old, and the stock charger. The battery indicator has been declining as I have ridden it over the last few days but I have been charging it fully daily. When I first plug it in, the charger light blinks green, after a...
  15. usdave

    2001 EZGO TXT Has Power But No Propulsion

    Hi everyone, I have a 2001 EZGO TXT (Customized and purchased in 2003). Our cart has always worked fine and worked fine the last time I used it before letting is sit. It sat without charging for over a year. When I went to charge it recently the positive terminals on all the batteries were...
  16. T

    2008 EZGO TXT No Spark

    I have a 2008 EZGO TXT. I have to hold the pedal down for 30 to 45 seconds before it will start. I thought it was a fuel problem so I checked everything out on the fuel system. I put a spark tester on it and the engine has no spark but if I hold the pedal down for 30-45 seconds it will start...
  17. Z

    1996 EZGO TXT Working On and Off

    1996 EZGO TXT 36v working on and off. New solenoid, cleaned and inspected all connections, solenoid tests fine, controller tests fine ( used YouTube/ google to do all these tests) just bought 6 new batteries, new cables. Wasn't running when I got it at all. Now after pushing pedal down half...
  18. W

    2016 EZGO RXV Turn Signal Install

    I have a 2016 EZGO RXV which has the factory headlights with turn signals bulbs. Currently the turn signal bulbs do not work. I purchased a kit from ROHX (link below). people were saying this would work for 2016 although i don't know how. Has anyone installed these before? Looking for ideas on...
  19. Customcovers

    Club Car, EZGO, Yamaha Seat Cover Sets - Front and Rear Included $150 FREE Shipping

    Club Car, EZGO, Yamaha golf cart seat cover sets - Front and Rear Included $150 FREE shipping.
  20. B

    Wiring 3 Position Ignition Switch

    I am replacing my ignition switch, the old switch was a 3 pole, the new is a 4 pole 3 position. Unfortunately this cart is a '81, so the wires are in bad shape and I cannot tell where they go. I have a 36v to 12v converter for the accessories. The best I can tell the other two wires go to the...