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    Installing Turn Signals and Horn to a 2014 EZGO TXT

    Our county changed laws to allow golf carts on city streets (which I must do to get to the clubhouse), which include side mirrors, reflector pads, seat belts, and also turn signals and a horn. I have completed all the requirements except installing the turn signal and horn. I bought a Universal...
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    EZGO TXT Electric Golf Cart Intermittently Runs

    My 98 EZGO TXT electric golf cart intermittently runs. Has been this way for several years. Replaced my solenoid last year and the problem persist. Last week it just quit running altogether. Someone said it could be the ITS so I replaced that. Still nothing. I was testing the system today and...
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    New EZGO TXT Owner (New to Golf Carts)

    Hey y'all, I picked up a EZGO TXT the other week. This is my first golf cart ownership so I'm new to this, and finding out there's a lot to learn (outside of just driving them around 18 holes). I've attached some pictures, and have some questions, if anyone can help me out on better...