ezgo rxv

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    Charging Wire too Short with Allied Commercial Lithium Battery

    I recently installed a 48V 65aH Allied Commercial lithium battery into my 2016 EZGO RXV. I know very little about golf carts or wiring but my plan was to take the 5 wires that were attached to the positive terminal from my 4 x 12V Trojan batteries and put those on the Allied positive terminal...
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    EZGO RXV Pedal Sensor Shorting Out

    So I’ve got a 2010 RXV. I’ve replaced the controller and had to replace the motor. I have the danaher set and the motor it’s the newer motor that has the speed sensor and not the encoder. I purchased a pig tail that connects them. I’m having a short problem with my pedal sensor. It keeps...
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    EZGO RXV Winter Battery Performance

    I am a recently new owner of a 2017 EZGO RXV and first time cart owner. I have enjoyed it through the summer months and now I have occasionally used it in the winter, the coldest it gets here is 30°F. The cart stays plugged in charging 24/7 inside a tarp shed. When I go to drive it, it seems...
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    2017 EZGO RXV Brake Fails to Release

    2017 EZGO RXV 48v brake fails to release. Drove my cart on Saturday with out issues. it was parked all day Sunday, tried to take it out for a ride today and the brake is failing to release. I do have a 100% charge on the batteries. it has in the past, done this but if I cycled the key off/on a...
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    Clicking/Knocking Sound in Motor Compartment

    After about a week and a half of owning it, I burned out the motorbrake on a 2014 EZGO RXV. The previous owner told me that he replaced it about 2 months prior. I have no reason to doubt him. I replaced the motorbrake, solenoid, and ignition switch last night and I am hearing a knocking or...
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    2009 EZGO RXV with New Batteries and Solenoid Wont Run

    I have a 48v 2009 EZGO RXV that wont run. New batteries and new solenoid. Solenoid reads 54 volts with key off but jumps to 0 when key is turned to F N or R. Also solenoid clicks when key is turned on but not when applying gas pedal. Battery gauge only reads half full although fully charged...