ezgo no spark

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    1995 EZGO with NO Spark

    Good morning everyone and Happy Memorial Day Weekend! I have a question for the board, I am totally stumped. I have a 1995 EZGO gas engine cart. About a year ago it began to start funny when you pressed on the gas pedal. Around November my son was driving it and it just died, it would tun over...
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    EZGO Workhorse No Spark

    Hello all. I’m new here and hoping someone can end my frustration with my EZGO Workhorse. It’s actually a Jacobson but I’m pretty sure there the same. I would consider myself the guy who can fix anything, except this now. Here’s the problem, I’m only getting a tiny spark at the very first of...
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    2008 EZGO TXT No Spark

    I have a 2008 EZGO TXT. I have to hold the pedal down for 30 to 45 seconds before it will start. I thought it was a fuel problem so I checked everything out on the fuel system. I put a spark tester on it and the engine has no spark but if I hold the pedal down for 30-45 seconds it will start...
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    EZGO Marathon Doesn't Have Spark

    I have a EZGO Marathon Gas Golf Cart I am sure is a 1993/robins and it doesn't have spark. :crybaby: I have rebuilt the starter/generator, Solenoid, Ignition Coil, Ignitor, and still have no spark. I am looking for the wire diagram and the location of the Pulser coil. My voltage reads 10.2 I...
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    EZGO With No Spark

    I am pulling my hair out over a 2001 EZGO TXT Gas with no spark. Replaced bad engine with rebuilt engine and had spark before replacing engine but no spark now. Have replaced pulsar with new, tried different air gaps on pulsar, tried a new ignitor, replaced coil, sanded off all ground points...