ezgo forward and reverse switch

  1. H

    No Forward or Reverse on EZGO Medalist

    NEED HELP! New here and no nothing about carts, I have a 95 Medalist, was a working golf cart but melted F/R switch, so I replaced worked for 2 weeks melted again, did some troubleshooting and decided just to replace everything. Motor, solenoid, f/r switch, battery cables and added voltage...
  2. A

    Old EZGO - Reverse Does Not Work

    Hi, I have an old EZGO. Forward works fine, but reverse does nothing. I've checked all the wires and connections, but can't find why it's not working. I bought a new forward and reverse switch, but I want to be sure my wiring is good. Can anyone tell me what is missing from my reverse connection?
  3. S

    Electrically Frustrated With 1997 EZGO DCS Cart!

    I have a 1997 36v EZ GO TXT cart. The cart just died while driving it and I can't figure out what the problem is. The solenoid is clicking as soon as I turn the key and is getting full voltage without peddle depressed. If I press the throttle slowly and find the "sweet spot" it gets power but it...
  4. HotRodCarts

    E-Z-GO Forward and Reverse Switch Heavy Duty Buss Bars

    EZGO Golf Cart Forward and Reverse Switch Here's a quick guide on installing heavy duty buss bars in a EZGO forward and reverse switch. You can also use this guide to help with rebuilding a EZGO forward and reverse switch. First thing to do is remove battery connection from positive and...