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    1995 EZGO with NO Spark

    Good morning everyone and Happy Memorial Day Weekend! I have a question for the board, I am totally stumped. I have a 1995 EZGO gas engine cart. About a year ago it began to start funny when you pressed on the gas pedal. Around November my son was driving it and it just died, it would tun over...
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    EZGO 1995 Medalist - Not running

    I have a EZGO 1995 Golf Cart that is not running, batteries are good, new motor. When I try to start and push the pedal I get nothing. If I jump the solenoid I do get forward and reverse with veritable speed when push the pedal. Not sure what I need to replace? Could it be the controller? Any...
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    EZGO Shorts Micro Switchs in Pedal Box and F/R Switch

    I was given a 98 EZGO from my father in-law. It wouldn't do anything at all. All the wires under the seat was melted. Found one of the leads going to the motor was shorted. Repaired lead and replaced all the wires under the seat. Replaced every component including the speed controller. Made a...
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    2001 EZGO TXT - Buzzing in Control Box, Intermittent No Run

    Hi guys, working on an electric 2001 EZGO TXT that has an intermittent no run. When it won't run there is a buzzing coming from the control box. Changed the solenoid and TPS, customer says controller was changed recently but we found loose wires at the controller and the solenoid. Could that...
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    EZGO Wire Connector

    I have and EZGO 48v electric golf cart, I think it was made in 2008. I am trying to understand some of the wiring and came across a connector that is not plugged into anything. I have seen a few videos of this, but they don't mention what this connector is. I am attaching a picture of this...