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    2001 EZGO TXT - Buzzing in Control Box, Intermittent No Run

    Hi guys, working on an electric 2001 EZGO TXT that has an intermittent no run. When it won't run there is a buzzing coming from the control box. Changed the solenoid and TPS, customer says controller was changed recently but we found loose wires at the controller and the solenoid. Could that...
  2. J

    Loss of Power 96 EZGO TXT 36V

    Hey all, I have a 96 36V EZGO TXT that loses power. It will so great until I go up one hill. After the hill, I have no power, specifically, no torque. Battery’s still show 38 volts and while driving, 36.3V even going up a hill. Anybody have any recommendations?
  3. J

    Lagging When Climbing and Eventually Dies

    Hi All, I am brand new to cart ownership. Picked up a classic 3-wheeler EZ-GO X-440 with the x bars (1967-1979 Era). Top is in decent shape, has an owie on the back left fender and some signs it has been well loved, but definitely stands out and draws a few eyes nonetheless. Batteries seem...
  4. N

    Bought My First Golf Cart - Improvements?

    Hey All, Just bought an old EZGO for my first golf cart. I just don't have any knowledge on this cart so I hope someone here can steer me in the right direction. I bought it for $700, batteries are 1 1/2 years old and tires are about 1 year old. Everything seems to function well. Older...
  5. Cart_Performance

    Lithium Battery Comparison.

    Video on some of our favorite lithium battery with full overview of each one for anyone who wants a detailed perspective.
  6. F

    Clicking/Knocking Sound in Motor Compartment

    After about a week and a half of owning it, I burned out the motorbrake on a 2014 EZGO RXV. The previous owner told me that he replaced it about 2 months prior. I have no reason to doubt him. I replaced the motorbrake, solenoid, and ignition switch last night and I am hearing a knocking or...
  7. F

    Ezgo Marathon - Unknown Part

    Can anyone tell me what this unknown part is? And where I can find a replacement? It is off of a 1980's EZGO Marathon golf cart.