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  1. J

    Loss of Power 96 EZGO TXT 36V

    Hey all, I have a 96 36V EZGO TXT that loses power. It will so great until I go up one hill. After the hill, I have no power, specifically, no torque. Battery’s still show 38 volts and while driving, 36.3V even going up a hill. Anybody have any recommendations?
  2. J

    Lagging When Climbing and Eventually Dies

    Hi All, I am brand new to cart ownership. Picked up a classic 3-wheeler EZ-GO X-440 with the x bars (1967-1979 Era). Top is in decent shape, has an owie on the back left fender and some signs it has been well loved, but definitely stands out and draws a few eyes nonetheless. Batteries seem...
  3. N

    Bought My First Golf Cart - Improvements?

    Hey All, Just bought an old EZGO for my first golf cart. I just don't have any knowledge on this cart so I hope someone here can steer me in the right direction. I bought it for $700, batteries are 1 1/2 years old and tires are about 1 year old. Everything seems to function well. Older...
  4. Cart_Performance

    Lithium Battery Comparison.

    Video on some of our favorite lithium battery with full overview of each one for anyone who wants a detailed perspective.
  5. F

    Clicking/Knocking Sound in Motor Compartment

    After about a week and a half of owning it, I burned out the motorbrake on a 2014 EZGO RXV. The previous owner told me that he replaced it about 2 months prior. I have no reason to doubt him. I replaced the motorbrake, solenoid, and ignition switch last night and I am hearing a knocking or...
  6. F

    Ezgo Marathon - Unknown Part

    Can anyone tell me what this unknown part is? And where I can find a replacement? It is off of a 1980's EZGO Marathon golf cart.