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    2021 Ezgo Express S4 Elite Suddenly Stopped and Won't Run

    2021 Ezgo Express S4 Elite Was driving down the road and it suddenly stopped. I started checking it out and while doing so, I broke the throttle resistor fuse. I have replaced the throttle resistor and still will not move. Power goes all the way to the controller when you push the accelerator so...
  2. R

    EZGO 1995 Medalist - Not running

    I have a EZGO 1995 Golf Cart that is not running, batteries are good, new motor. When I try to start and push the pedal I get nothing. If I jump the solenoid I do get forward and reverse with veritable speed when push the pedal. Not sure what I need to replace? Could it be the controller? Any...
  3. C

    2001 EZGO TXT - Buzzing in Control Box, Intermittent No Run

    Hi guys, working on an electric 2001 EZGO TXT that has an intermittent no run. When it won't run there is a buzzing coming from the control box. Changed the solenoid and TPS, customer says controller was changed recently but we found loose wires at the controller and the solenoid. Could that...
  4. D

    Electric 2006 EZGO TXT PDS Not Moving At All

    I have gotten some amazing answers about my 2006 EZGO TXT PDS golf cart…and Thank You…This an issue that is perplexing me…could be motor burnt out, controller too hot, or whatever else I have not dove into. I fixed the cart to prime level because of your answers. Last week at camp not one issue...
  5. S

    Electrically Frustrated With 1997 EZGO DCS Cart!

    I have a 1997 36v EZ GO TXT cart. The cart just died while driving it and I can't figure out what the problem is. The solenoid is clicking as soon as I turn the key and is getting full voltage without peddle depressed. If I press the throttle slowly and find the "sweet spot" it gets power but it...
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    EZGO Golf Cart PDS Chip Settings Codes

    EZGO Golf Cart PDS Chip Settings and codes.