ezgo 2 stroke

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    1988 EZGO 2 Cycle Keeps Killing Solenoid

    Hi, I just bought a 1988 EZGO 2 Cycle gas golf cart that had been sitting. I did all the maintenance to it, cleaned the carburetor, drained the gas tank etc. I got it running and took it for a drive and all seemed well until I turned it off then tried to turn it on again then it would not start...
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    1987 EZGO 2 Stroke Starting Issue

    i have a 1987 EZGO 2 stroke 3 wheel metal body golf cart. Issues with starting I tested ignition switch its good, I tested micro switch on pedal its good, I tested solenoid its good, battery has 12.75 volts its good. Here's the problem I turn on key hit pedal and the starter tries to turn over...