ezgo 2 stroke

  1. M

    EC25-3PG Timing 100 degrees advanced?

    I have never worked on a cart prior. This cart belongs to a friend and has been giving him issues for a while. This is a cart that they have had for years. Last year it started running poorly, but it would still run. This year it didn't run all summer. Just prior to this week it would try to run...
  2. M

    Loss of Power

    Hey y’all, new to the forum but look forward to it. I have recently put a lift, 6 inches, on my cart as well as new 24 inch a/t tires. Before, my cart handled Hills well with myself, my wife and my three-year-old son. After adding the lift and the new a/t tires, I just don’t have the power...
  3. T

    76 EZGO Marathon 2 Stroke Won't Run in Forward or Reverse

    Hi I am new here. I have some questions hope someone can help me. I picked up a 1976 EZGO Marathon 2 stroke golf cart. When I first got it it would run in forward but if you move the lever to reverse it did nothing. Wiring was a mess, trying to figure it out. Now I have nothing in forward or in...
  4. 3Wheelcart

    1986 3 Wheel EZGO Cart Won't Turn Over

    How can I figure out if my EZGO cart is an 86 or 86 1/2? I cannot get it to run and could use some ideas of where to start. I have heard it run but can’t get it to turn over again. It has a Robin gas engine. I just purchased this and am trying to learn all I can about it. Thanks
  5. J

    1988 EZGO 2 Cycle Keeps Killing Solenoid

    Hi, I just bought a 1988 EZGO 2 Cycle gas golf cart that had been sitting. I did all the maintenance to it, cleaned the carburetor, drained the gas tank etc. I got it running and took it for a drive and all seemed well until I turned it off then tried to turn it on again then it would not start...
  6. P

    1987 EZGO 2 Stroke Starting Issue

    i have a 1987 EZGO 2 stroke 3 wheel metal body golf cart. Issues with starting I tested ignition switch its good, I tested micro switch on pedal its good, I tested solenoid its good, battery has 12.75 volts its good. Here's the problem I turn on key hit pedal and the starter tries to turn over...