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    Looking for a wiring diagram Melex 745 1988

    I have a Melex model 745 that was made in 11/14/1988. Of course I was told that this is an EZ GO copy. What I cannot find is a wiring diagram that corresponds to my cart for the same year of an EZ GO. I am in the process of cleaning up the burnt and cracked wiring and moved on to some of the...
  2. Front Left Golf Cart.jpg

    Front Left Golf Cart.jpg

  3. D

    Can I Speed Up My EZGO Cheaply?

    I have been reading through some of the posts on these forums and trying to figure out how to speed up my EZGO golf cart cheaply without having to spend $500 or more. I have a 1996 EZ-GO TXT 36 volt. I clocked it at 11mph :(. I would like to get it up to at least 20 mph. From what i read, i...
  4. D

    New Batteries How Much Run Time Should I Expect

    Hi all, Im new to golf carts and just got a 1996 ezgo txt. i put in new 6v-2000 batteries (36v). on a full charge, how much run time or distance can i expect out of the unit? currently it has stock tires and is not lifted. i plan to do that soon but was curious what to expect. thanks
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    Wiring Diagram for a 1996 EZGO TXT

    HI all, I am new to owning a golf cart. A friend of mine gave me one without batteries. I purchased batteries and new cables but am unsure which wires from the mechanics of the vehicle attach to which terminals on the battery. I am very familiar with positive /negative but there are a couple...
  6. Oldguy

    EZGO Marathon Electric Golf Cart Reverse vs Forward

    I have restored my 79 3 wheel EZGO Marathon golf cart. New electrical parts include new micro switch and solenoid as well as batteries. When I put everything back together everything works great except when I put it in reverse it goes forward and in forward it goes in reverse. I didn't unhook...