ez go gas motor help

  1. J

    Slow Start, Then Runs Strong

    Hello everyone, I have a 2006 EZGO TXT Gas with the Robins 350 that will “hesitate” off of the line then gradually pickup speed. It will consistently run at ~17mph once it ramps up. On one occasion, it eventually wouldn’t move under its own power. Fresh engine rebuild, valves are brand new and...
  2. A

    1991 EZGO Trouble Running After Extended Use

    I got an 1991 ezgo that runs great until I have been using it for a bit and when I push the gas down the engine cranks and the cart doesn’t run. Some times I can wait for a second and it will go and other times I can flip in reverse and then back to forward it will go. This problem only happens...
  3. M

    Loss of Power

    Hey y’all, new to the forum but look forward to it. I have recently put a lift, 6 inches, on my cart as well as new 24 inch a/t tires. Before, my cart handled Hills well with myself, my wife and my three-year-old son. After adding the lift and the new a/t tires, I just don’t have the power...
  4. J

    EZ GO Robbins EH291 Problems

    I have the above 2005 EZGO golf cart with Robbins EH291 engine that sputters, backfires, seems to want to run and does not have any power. I have replaced the carb with new, new plugs, new belt and adjusted the valves. Still problem exists. Please any suggestions with the problems?