1. jt_cloud

    1992 Club Car DS Headlights

    Hey everyone, new member here. Got gifted a 1992 Club Car DS and am in the process of fixing it up. It runs, but needs a lot of TLC cosmetically. I’m trying to find a pair of headlights that fit it, but am having trouble. Everything online says for 93+ models. I can’t find any for 92 and earlier...
  2. J

    Yamaha G2 Charging System Diagnosis

    Finally got my 1987 Yamaha G2 to run and drive and have spark. I’m not too familiar with the “starter generator” charging system. I’m assuming it works like other charging systems where the “starter generator” is similar to a stator? Then sends power to the voltage regulator and then from the...
  3. D

    Need Help With Club Car Golf Cart Repair

    Ok, let me try to explain this without confusing anyone who may be of help. I have a video if I need to send personally of the issue. I have a 92 gas club car gold cart and need help with repair. Ran great, no issues other than the governor box was cracked and held on to the cart with wire. So...
  4. G

    95 Gas Club Car Won't Start

    My 95 Club Car golf cart had been turning over slowly for a while and finally doesn't start at all. After doing some reading, I changed the limit switches in the box under the seat as well as the solenoid. Still won't start. I removed motor and discovered one of the brushes had a little...
  5. A

    85 EZGO Wiring Help Engine Cranks As Soon As It's In Gear

    I just got a 1985 EZGO with a botched wiring job and need some help straightening it out. Im trying to rewire it back to original. It currently runs but the engine cranks as soon shifting into gear instead of when the gas pedal is depressed. I feel i have looked over the wiring diagram a million...