1. D

    Stereo In Yamaha Drive

    What is everyone doing to add a stereo to their Yamaha drive? Has anyone used the overhead stereo kit's? Do they work well and look good? I was looking at a dash mount kit from Jason's golf carts, but then how do you handle the speakers? There doesn't seem to be many dash options for the...
  2. M

    2018 Yamaha Drive 2 Loses Power Going Up Slight Incline

    Hello all, I very recently purchased a 2018 Yamaha Drive 2 PTV gas. On a flat road it seemed ok , but now with two people and a slight hill or incline it really bogs down and loses lots of power. Flat out stock it runs 20mph top speed, but up a light hill its 8-9 mph. I also have a EZGO rxv 48...
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    Yamaha Drive Gas Golf Cart Parts Manual

    Yamaha Drive Golf Cart Parts Manual - Gas Yamaha Drive Parts Manual - Gas
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    Yamaha Drive Electric Golf Cart Parts Manual

    Yamaha Parts Manual - Drive Electric Online backup, file sync, for pad, PC, Android and iPhone - ASUS WebStorage