1. P

    2016 Cushman Hauler 1200 - Solenoid Clicks but Motor Won't Turn Over

    I have a 2016 Cushman Hauler 1200 Model # 61884G01 Serial # 3189084 Kawasaki Engine Code: FJ400D-R My Cushman Hauler has performed flawlessly until today. When I step on the accelerator there was no sound, nothing happened. I replaced the battery and tried to start it. This time the solenoid...
  2. whiteGIANT510

    Coming soon my new free toy part 2

    I'm picking this up on Tuesday. Another freeway Craigslist toy. Ad says it needs batteries and motor. I guess we will see. If it does I'm going for a predator 670 swap but with gas prices I may restore the electric drive.. I can't wait.
  3. J

    Just Bought This Golf Cart What Kind Is It

    Hello all I just bought this golf cart for $300 ,what kind is it? I looked at it like put a new motor/trans and I am good to go for a while and I would have whatever amount into it,which sounds better to me than just buying one for the same amount. I am sure everyone here is just as much of a...