curtis controller

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    2015 EZGO TXT 48v Curtis 1206HB-5201 Wiring

    I'm an electrical eng, new to golf carts and this forum. I need help from experts..... I've been troubleshooting an intermittent golf safety circuit. For a cart won't go problem. I've spent weeks looking up schematics for my Curtis 1206HB-5201controller main connector pin out. Nothing I've...
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    Star Classic with Curtis Controller Code 3-4 Missing Contactor

    I'm working on a Star Classic golf cart with Curtis controller that won't run due to Code 3-4 (missing contactor) The Curtis controller #1244-5461 is installed in a 2006 Star Classic golf cart When the key is turned on the contactor does not click and the controller starts flashing 3-4 The...
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    2011 EZGO TXTE Shorted Key Switch to Turn Siginal Switch

    Thanks for looking. I have looked at many post and youtube videos trying to figure this out my self. I am at a loss. Local shop said its the controller with out even seeing cart. would like a second opinion... or as many opinions as I can get. 2011 EZGO TXTE 48 volt cart ran fine when I put new...