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    Need Help Diagnosing Club Car DS Sputtering

    Just did my spring maintenance on our early 80's Club Car DS (oil change, new plug, air filter). End of last season it started sputtering/missing at all rpms. I discovered that if I push on the little black box beside the starter it runs perfect. (See pic) I believe this little black box is a...
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    Club Car DS Burning Up Coils

    So this 96 Club Car DS has me stumped burning up coils. I changed starter generator with Ebay special and the starter burnt up. So put old original back in and still blowing coils every 2-3 months. Carts used alot on weekends. Often cart kills battery and will get stuck out in never never land...
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    Spark when I first Press the Pedal Help Please

    Have 1997 Ez-Go 4 Cycle engine. Using a spark tester I only get a spark when I first press the pedal. Nothing after that. So far I have checked and cleaned all grounds replaced Igniter. The previous owner removed the reverse switch. But according to the schematic it’s wired correctly. The...