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    New Club Car owner…..

    Just received my new 2023 Gas Onward Lifted…..My first Club Car ! My Son talked me out of my Yamaha Drive Gas which I liked very much. The new CC serial # starts with BW2302, which I guess is the 2nd week in fiscal year 2023…. I’m looking forward to liking and enjoying this one as much as the...
  2. C

    Need Help Diagnosing Club Car DS Sputtering

    Just did my spring maintenance on our early 80's Club Car DS (oil change, new plug, air filter). End of last season it started sputtering/missing at all rpms. I discovered that if I push on the little black box beside the starter it runs perfect. (See pic) I believe this little black box is a...
  3. Q

    What Year in This Old Club Car

    Working on a old 1980-1990 Club Car project and I need some help identifying what the exact year is and finding out whats wrong with it. Its pretty scrapped, I only found out it was a club car because it looks like some of the ones I looked up with pedal positions and all that. Don't know much...
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    48 Volt 1998 Club Car DS Suddenly Runs Slow

    I have a 1998 Club Car DS 48volt that will run fine then suddenly runs super slow even to the point that I have to push it up a hill. I replaced all the batteries because I bought it used 2 years ago and dont know how old they were. It did not solve the problem. Going up the hill it would make a...