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  1. R

    Club Car Leaking Oil from Rear End

    I have a [90's?] Club Car DS electric golf cart that until recently has ran great. I noticed it was dripping oil when it was parked and sometimes left a trail the last time I used it. I jacked the rear end up to look and it looks like it's leaking from a small hole on the passenger side. Am I...
  2. J

    Club Cart New Batteries Draining Quickly, Not Fully Charging

    Hello Everyone, We recently purchased a used Club Car 1988 36 volt golf cart. We got a good deal on it and the owner said it needed new batteries. So we purchased 6 new Brute Force batteries and runs a lot better. However I took it out for a spin earlier, the batteries were at 70%. Rode around...
  3. J

    Club Car Trans-Sender Unknown Fuse Device

    I have a 1994 Club Car Trans-Sender that I'm upgrading from 36V to 48V. Look at the pictures attached and tell me what this unknown fuse like device is and if I still need to wire it in on my new system. It looks like a heavy Power Line fuse, but the outside piece, looks like an old charger...
  4. all-sports-lift-kit-club-car.jpeg


    New from All Sports Manufacturing 2” lift kit for 2012-up Club Car Precedent/Onward - Cartaholics - The Golf Cart Forum for the Cart Enthusiast
  5. helicopter911

    03 Club Car Carburetor Help

    I have an 03 Club Car Kawasaki engine and need some help. It needs a new carburetor but I’m not sure what to get? This is the serial # AG0347-350652. Engine # FE 290d-BS17. I’m sure somewhere there is something that gives an idea? Many thanks!
  6. F

    Club Car Precedent Allsports 6" HD Lift Kit Install & Review Youtube Video

    Hey Guys I just recently installed a 6" Allsports HD lift on my 2014 Club Car Precedent. I looked on youtube for a tutorial and couldn't really find one so I made one for my youtube channel. I will say that so far I'm extremely happy with this kit. The HD springs doesn't ride like a horse...
  7. R

    Batteries Die Quickly

    I have a Club Car Precedent (2015). I just bought it and the batteries die quickly. I’m only getting a mile before battery light comes on. Then not long after it will flash, and I start losing all power around 3-4 miles. I should get more range than that right? I’ve tested batteries voltage 24...
  8. J

    97 Club Car Wont Start

    I have a 97 gas Club Car. It sat in my shed for two Michigan winters and all of last summer and now it won't start. So I'm getting it ready for this summer. I have a problem. When I press on the gas pedal the belt will make a half turn then stop. Nothing else. Since it sat for so long before...
  9. Keith4251

    Navitas Controller B+ Terminal Melting

    1st post I believe. Looking forward to the replies. The Club Car 48 volt electric 2 stage I have has an aftermarket Navitas controller. The controllers B+ post is getting really hot after driving. Things to consider: Wires leading from battery to battery are Black 4AWG Wire leading from B+ on...
  10. Q

    What Year in This Old Club Car

    Working on a old 1980-1990 Club Car project and I need some help identifying what the exact year is and finding out whats wrong with it. Its pretty scrapped, I only found out it was a club car because it looks like some of the ones I looked up with pedal positions and all that. Don't know much...
  11. B

    FE350D Different heads - Why?

    This is my first post with you all. I have read many others' posts and it appears that there is a lot of Knowledge here. Looking for help. I have only been involved with carts for about 6 months. The above images refer to my question. The FE350D-AS27 head on the left appears to be a lower...
  12. B

    2011 Club Car Precedent Not Driving Properly

    Hey guys! So I own a 2011 Club Car Precedent and I’ve been facing quite a few issues lately and it's not driving properly. When I drive the cart it often has a jerking motion. It doesn’t always come on instantly, but I’ll be driving along and suddenly I’ll encounter the cart doing a jerking...
  13. Oxford, Mi.

    Oxford, Mi.

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  14. Pinky74

    Brake light switch or a brake pad kit on Club Car

    Hello, I have an older Club Car with a built in head tail and tail lights which work. The wiring harness is of an older model as the recent brake pad light kit I purchased from Madjax connects via a plugin connector. Can I connect the new item as is and what parts would I require or must I...
  15. GolfCartTireSupply

    Buying The Best Golf Cart: Buyer's Guide

    Hello fellow Cartaholics! Is a Gas or Electric golf cart better? What is the best golf cart brand? Where is the best place to buy golf carts? For those of you just beginning your search for a used or new golf cart, we have been working for months on a buyer's guide to help you in your...
  16. P

    36 Volt Club Car Controller Wiring

    I have a 1993 Club Car 36 volt with a solid state motor controller and all the wiring diagrams I find only have 3 large connections. This one has 4 and there are 2 6 gauge white wires left unconnected. If I thought it was safe to assume that they go to the A-2 term on the controller but you know...
  17. M

    Club Car DS Gas Starting Problem

    I could use some help. I have a 1996 gas Club Car DS with a starting problem. For a month now my golf cart has seemed to have a hard time starting here and there. Occasionally, I would turn the key, put it in forward and would push the gas pedal and the golf cart would not was like I...
  18. R

    Club Car DS Electric cart - Knock noise when sharp turn

    I have a 2009 Club Car DS Electric Golf Cart. All of a sudden, when I make a sharp turn in either direction, I get a loud knock from the steering mechanism. Mostly notice it when I am turning the wheel all the way one direction or the other to park or turn when starting to move the cart. I...
  19. C

    Club Car DS Head Gasket

    I have a approx 1981 Club Car DS that has run perfectly until yesterday. Serial # first two numebers is 79, but the DS actually came out the following year, so I'm not 100% certain on model year. Yesterday when cranking i noticed the Spark plug wire at the plug had failing rubber (got a nice...
  20. L

    Madjax Alpha Body Needs Fender Flares

    I have a 2013 CC Precedent that is lifted (RHOX) and has a Madjax Alpha Body. I bought Rhox fender flares not thinking about the body of my cart no longer being the same dimensions. I believe the back flares should still fit. However, the front flares do not adjust to the body shape...