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  1. devonlopez219

    Bought used cart, has issues with acceleration & etc

    I recently bought a Club Car, unsure what year it is seems to not have any VIN number on it anywhere. It has a lift put on, and aftermarket tires and seats. I noticed today when riding around it was accelerating ok at first, then I noticed some things. Battery went from full on the battery...
  2. C

    Electric Fuel pump for Club Car w/ Kawasaki Engine?

    Tired of dealing with the poor performance of the vacuum style fuel pump on my Club Car. I was going to install a low pressure electric fuel pump to see if it will fix my fuel delivery issues. Would appreciate any input for members having this issue & or installed an electric fuel pump on their...
  3. W

    2006 Club Car 48v - Appears to go into a "lockout" mode?

    Hello Cartaholics, this is a great forum with people who have awesome experience to share. Looking for some of that experience to assist my conundrum! I have a 2006 Club Car 48 volt that will run for an intermittent amount of time then go into what appear to be a "lockout" mode. Have been...
  4. J

    Problem With Security Device on Club Car

    I bought my Club Car used and it came with this security device. When the black "key" is removed from the slot, or "reader", the Club Car will not move. The slot or reader got bumped with the key in it and cracked. Now, the cart will not move even with the key inserted. The reader has six wires...
  5. D

    New solenoid, new speed controller, cart won’t start

    Club Car Precedent made in 2012. Have had it for almost 3 years with no issues. It was working fine until recently when the cart would randomly slow down or stall. It eventually refused to start. I replaced the solenoid first, then the controller. Now the cart still won’t start at all. I am...
  6. P

    2002 Pioneer/Bobcat - Fungus!

    Greetings, Everyone! I’m new to the site and new to the cart world! I recently purchased what I think is a tired 2002 Pioneer 1200, although the serial number starts with BK. I gave $200 for it and I’m thrilled to have it! It needs a lot of love, but I’m mechanically capable. It appears to...
  7. HotRodCarts

    Club Car Onward Wiring Diagram

    Club Car Onward Wiring Diagram - Wiring Diagrams for 2018 Club Car Onward Gas Golf Cart :clubcar:
  8. B

    Who Makes this Back Seat Kit

    Does anybody know who makes this back seat kit? It looks similar to a GTW Mach 3, but its not...
  9. D

    2002 Club Car DS Doesn't Go Immediately When I Press the Pedal

    I got this 2002 Club Car DS cart cheap and it didn't work and was told all it needed was batteries. Got batteries didn't work. I traced issue to V-glide switch as this is a resistor cart. I changed the solenoid and put a new V glide switch assembly in. Started working but its intermittent. Issue...
  10. Luke Jackson

    I have a Club Car and have been looking into lithium

    I have a Club Car and have been looking into battery kit. I'm wondering if I could do it myself or need a dealer to install. I have been doing my research which brands as well.
  11. S

    How long does a 1992 Club Car usually last?

    How long does a 1992 Club Car usually last? Is it worth getting all new batteries for it when they're dead? The headlights/brake lights don't work and the frame that holds the batteries up is pretty corroded.
  12. ElectraKing

    2007 Club Car Only Goes in Reverse

    Team, 2007 Club Car only goes in reverse. All the connections look strong and the cart goes in reverse so the power and signal is making it to the motor. The forward/reverse switch looks good and connections look solid there too. The solenoid clicks when you go to forward but does not pass...
  13. S

    Club Car with EZ-GO Charger

    Hi everybody! I recently bought a 1986 Club Car DS 36v. It runs but it's slow. I'd like to convert it to 48v as I already have a 48v charger. Problem is it's an EZ-GO Delta-Q SC-48 charger. I happen to have a spare receptacle and charger controller that I'm thinking about installing on my cart...
  14. Chipsta040365

    95 DS Golf Gas Cart Sat for a Year and Someone Jumped it with Connection Backwards

    Thank you everyone for welcoming to the forum. Key and pedal press did nothing after a family member tried to jump the cart, but, had the wires reversed and of course sparks went everywhere. Figuring most of the electric components were blown, I have currently replace the Solenoid, voltage...
  15. T

    2000 Club Car 48 Volt Wiring Schematic

    I have a 2000 48 volt Club Car with a regen motor, V glide, forward reverse toggle switch, no limit switches and no resistor coils. Does anybody have a schematic for this system. All the ones I found shows Mcors or limit switches or resistor coils. Thanks in advance Tim
  16. B

    Club Car Camber? Worn Bushings?

    I'm looking to buy a 2009 club car with brand new batteries I have looked it over pretty well but not 100% sure what I'm looking at also noticed that the front wheels lean in at the top and have done a bit of research on what that could possibly be....just looking for some's priced...
  17. jt_cloud

    1992 Club Car DS Headlights

    Hey everyone, new member here. Got gifted a 1992 Club Car DS and am in the process of fixing it up. It runs, but needs a lot of TLC cosmetically. I’m trying to find a pair of headlights that fit it, but am having trouble. Everything online says for 93+ models. I can’t find any for 92 and earlier...
  18. M

    What is this Extra Spindle Connection on Passenger Side of 2004.5 Club Car DS

    I am installing a 6" lift kit and the new spindles do not include a place to attach this linkage. Every video and document I found does not mention this extra part on the passenger side of this 2004.5 (plastic dust caps) Club Cart DS. What is the original intention or design for this and is it...
  19. TomM1485

    Club Car Batteries Die After 1/2 Hour

    I have a 48 volt Club Car that is having a strange issue and the batteries die after a 1/2 hour. The golf cart goes from full charge to completely dead in a small amount of time. And it’s almost instantly. I tested all 6 batteries and when they were at full charge, all 6 read 8.5 volts. So...
  20. Customcovers

    Club Car, EZGO, Yamaha Seat Cover Sets - Front and Rear Included $150 FREE Shipping

    Club Car, EZGO, Yamaha golf cart seat cover sets - Front and Rear Included $150 FREE shipping.