club car precedent

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    Club Car Drives Great Then Goes Into an Idle

    I have a 2004 Club Car Precedent gas that will run great for about 10 minutes then it will go into an idle and won’t run unless it sits for about 30 min. I have cleaned the carb put a new air filter, fuel pump and fuel filter on it. I am looking at bypassing the RPM limiter but I don’t know if...
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    Help With 2006 Club Car Precedent

    I have a problem with a 2006 Club Car Precedent gas golf cart and I can’t quite put my finger on it. The cart would not start after riding for a few minutes. The cart would do nothing. No click no nothing. After sitting and trying multiple time the solenoid would start to click upon pressing the...
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    Best Lift Kit for a Club Car Precedent

    Which is the best lift kit for a Club Car Precedent?
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    2010 Club Car Precedent - Question Forward / Reverse Issues

    Hello, I am new here and I have a 2010 Club Car Precedent electric golf cart and have a question about forward / reverse issues. When I go in reverse will jump and or jerk and then go forward it goes very slow after 30-40 seconds or so the cart will stop and then not go in forward or reverse...
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    2012 Club Car Precedent De-accelerates

    Greetings! I just purchased a 2012 Club Car Precedent 48v. Seems to run fine (could use more speed) but when I lift off the gas it de-accelerates dramatically. No need for brakes it will stop on it’s own. I just sold my EZGO 36 volt and it did not do this and had ability to cost. Does this new...