club car lift kit

  1. jsepulveda

    How Do I Know What Suspension Work Has Been Done?

    I am completely new to the golf cart world, however I believe I am in the correct site! I recently purchased a 2009 Precedent Club Car that the wife knew her husband had done suspension work, however, she couldn't provide more information. What would I look for if the suspension had been...
  2. F

    Club Car Precedent Allsports 6" HD Lift Kit Install & Review Youtube Video

    Hey Guys I just recently installed a 6" Allsports HD lift on my 2014 Club Car Precedent. I looked on youtube for a tutorial and couldn't really find one so I made one for my youtube channel. I will say that so far I'm extremely happy with this kit. The HD springs doesn't ride like a horse...
  3. wass1967


    MYTH- When lifting your cart, check the engine oil level before you lift it. Once lifted, check the oil level again. Because of the new tilt of the engine, the level will change. This in the new level it should be kept at. FACT- With the tilt of the engine, Club Cars run into the problem now of...