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  1. D

    2002 Club Car DS Doesn't Go Immediately When I Press the Pedal

    I got this 2002 Club Car DS cart cheap and it didn't work and was told all it needed was batteries. Got batteries didn't work. I traced issue to V-glide switch as this is a resistor cart. I changed the solenoid and put a new V glide switch assembly in. Started working but its intermittent. Issue...
  2. TMeachum


    My Club Car build
  3. J

    1995 Club Car DS 48v Abruptly Won't Move

    1995 Club Car DS 48v has been working for years. Pulled into the garage, put it on charge which completed just fine. Will not move in F/R. Pack is 3yrs old and at 51v. I hear the GO pedal click, then the solenoid click in both F and R. No intermittent issues or problems leaf up to this...
  4. Jimmyallenjr

    Upgrading Club Car 2000.5 from 36v to 48v

    I am looking to upgrade the batteries but haven't had any luck in finding anyone who can tell me if it is even possible, and if so, what will it entail? It has a new motor that supposedly can handle 48v, but it also has the v-glide and coil system... Is it possible to upgrade the batteries to...
  5. Cart_Performance

    Lithium Battery Comparison.

    Video on some of our favorite lithium battery with full overview of each one for anyone who wants a detailed perspective.
  6. M

    Club Car Won't Stop Cranking

    I have a 1990 Club Car DS gas golf cart that starts cranking as soon as the key is turned to run but won't get spark and actually start until the gas peddle is pressed. It doesn't quit cracking till the key is turned to off. I've replaced all the micro switches and double checked the wiring to...
  7. L

    Newbie Question About Seat and Seat Cover Replacement

    Hello all, Brand new here after just buying my 1st golf cart to tote the grandkids around in. It's a 1990 Club Car DS that has been frankensteined over the years. From what I gather the original seat backs were 2 pieces, but this cart has a one piece (which I would prefer to keep a one piece)...
  8. ACHiPo

    2006 Club Car DS Navitas AC Conversion--Success!

    Well, it was a bit more challenging than I hoped, but much easier than I feared to complete an overhaul of my 2006 Club Car DS (I/Q Series) cart to the Navitas AC system and I couldn't be happier. The 440A/4kw kit from Navitas was very well designed and easy to install. I would have liked a...
  9. J

    Club Car DS 36 Volt Runs When Solenoid Is Jumped

    I have a 2003 Club Car DS 36 volt that only runs when the solenoid is jumped. We can touch the top terminals together with a wrench or screw driver and tires will spin in forward or reverse and will speed up when go pedal is pushed. But will not run with key in on position and go pedal presses...
  10. J

    48 Volt Club Car DS Brake Lights Won't Turn Off

    Hi I'm kind of new to all this and am hoping somebody can help me out. I've got a 48 v0lt Club Car DS that I added a deluxe led light kit (headlights, tail lights, blinkers, brake lights, and horn) to last summer. Everything worked fine, but now all of the sudden the brake lights won't turn off...
  11. 46-racing

    What Size Is This Lift Kit

    WHAT SIZE IS THIS LIFT KIT? I'm a new member since my other half recently bought a '93 Club Car DS gasser. We ASSUMED it was a 6" lift, but from all of the research I've done (mostly trying to figure out why the tops of the front tires were angled out) its just not adding up. :mad: Here's what...
  12. HotRodCarts

    Club Car Front End Alignment

    Club Car DS Front End Alignment Camber and Toe Club Car Precedent Front End Alignment Camber and Toe Before setting the camber roll the cart with the tires straight a few feet then: Set the camber per the attached diagram. After setting the camber roll the cart ahead again a couple feet with...