club car 48v

  1. S

    2001 Club Car DS 48V Accelerator Question

    Hi, I am a first time golf cart owner (2001 Club Car DS 48V) and I am trying to learn how my golf cart is supposed to operate so I can trouble shoot an existing issue. I have looked on line for this answer but have not found it yet so reaching out here for any knowledge. My first question...
  2. J

    90 36 Volt Club Car Won't Move - Please Help

    Hello, I have what I think is a 90 model 36V Club Car. Serial#A9006199088. Guy that I bought it from stated it worked last time he parked it but he got the motor hot pulling something. The cart would spin tires when jacked up but not when on the ground. I had the battery's tested and they...
  3. J

    Solenoid on Club Car DS Continuous Click and Won’t Run

    Ok so this thing has been a pain and I haven’t seen any forums with the same issue. It’s an 07 club car ds 48v with the rocker fnd switch . It randomly stopped running one day. Since then it’s gotten a new d&d motor, new navitas 440 controller , new solenoid, new mcor, new fnr switch. I’ve been...
  4. A

    Club Car Speed Sensor

    Just bought an 07 48v Club Car. It was kicking me down to 9mph so I ordered a new speed sensor. I made the mistake of not sticking my head down there and making sure I got the right one. So I got the top hat style, and I needed the flat style. Because you are required to remove 2 screws for the...
  5. M

    1995 Club Car DS 48 Volt Overhaul

    Hello everyone, I just picked up a 1995 Club Car DS 48 volt practically free. It has no batteries but it looks like everything else is there. Does anyone have a picture of how the batteries are placed under the seat or schematic of how the batteries should be wired with the solenoid and...
  6. Keith4251

    Club Car Precedent Motor Replacement

    Looking at the A4 torque motor replacement from D&D for my Club Car Precedent but on their site it says that a lift is recommended due to the size of the motor and the possibility of the speed sensor getting damaged. Is a lift necessary and has anyone else experienced this with this motor...
  7. jsepulveda

    How Do I Know What Suspension Work Has Been Done?

    I am completely new to the golf cart world, however I believe I am in the correct site! I recently purchased a 2009 Precedent Club Car that the wife knew her husband had done suspension work, however, she couldn't provide more information. What would I look for if the suspension had been...
  8. J

    Club Car Precedent Jerks and Cutting Out on Acceleration

    Have a Club Car Precedent 48 volt golf cart. Has new batteries. Cart jerks and is cutting out on acceleration and starts beeping. Have also changed the speed sensor. Any help please! Thanks