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    No click from a new solenoid

    I installed an Alltrax XCT 400/400 AMP Solenoid combination in my EZGO TXT. Fresh 48 volt battery pack, ignition switch, F/R switch and wiring/cabling. Was a 36V/PDS drive system before. My dilemma is that I am getting nothing at the solenoid. When I turn the key to "on" there is no click...
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    EZGO RXV Clicks When Key Turned But Not When Throttle Pushed

    I have a family member with a 2008 EZGO RXV golf cart that only has a solenoid click whenever the key is turned to either Neutral or Forward. It does not move at all or make a solenoid click when the throttle is pushed. The batteries are pretty new and all of the other electronics respond...