1. puttwill

    Battery Charger Keeps Going Off and On

    I have a Club Car DS 1984 48 volt golf cart. The battery charger has lately been starting the charge, then shutting off with in about a minute, then starting the charge again, and going off and on over and over. I had the charger in for repair last year but they said it's fine. Of note, I...
  2. kraig

    48 Volt EZGO Stopped Charging

    Hello, I am working on a 48 volt EZGO TXTand it stopped charging. The charger is a powerwise qe and when you first plug it into the cart it flashes green/red really fast. Then it’s a red then green and repeat. The thing is on the three prong triangle charging plug the center wire is a gray cases...
  3. Z

    Where do you keep your battery charger?

    My battery charger is of a size that it could fit in the space under the driver's side of the seat. So then it occurred to be I could make a plywood box to fit in that space beside the batteries, and attach the box to the cart bottom; and then screw the charger to the side of that box, and make...
  4. Z

    QUIQ Charger extension cord feels too hot

    Just received a new to me 2013 EZGO TXT electric. Came with a QUIQ HF/PFC charger, which I plugged in today for the first time. The charger electrical cord ends in a male connection that is inside a cover much like a desk top computer back panel AC connection. The charger came with an...
  5. HotRodCarts

    EZGO - Powerwise Golf Cart Battery Charger - Wiring Diagram

    EZGO - Powerwise Golf Cart Battery Charger - Wiring Diagram :ezgo:
  6. HotRodCarts

    E-Z-GO - Powerwise Charger Diagram

    EZGO - Powerwise Golf Cart Battery Charger - Wiring Diagram