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    New Owner Required Build Thread - 1995 Club Car Carryall 1

    I have a 1995 Club Car Carryall 1 with the Kawasaki fe290 4 cycle motor. My parents have owned this since new and gifted it to me in the fall of 2021. They have garage kept and maintained it professionally throughout its life as a farm-hand in the low-country of South Carolina. Now it belongs...
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    Club Car Value

    Hi I’m toying with the idea of selling one of my golf carts but I really don’t know the value and wondering if someone can help me? It is a 1995 Club Car Carryall Transporter so it has 2 rows of seats and a dump box, also has a top it’s raised 4 inches with 22x11.00-10 off-road tires and is a 48...
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    Sheared Flywheel Key - Why?

    Looking for guidance. I recently rebuilt a FE350D AS27 in a CarryAll. The AS27 has adjustable rockers and tappets rather than hydraulic lifters. During the rebuild I discovered that the head was cracked. Replaced the head with one off of a AS11. See photo below. New rings, honed cylinder, lapped...
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    FE350D Different heads - Why?

    This is my first post with you all. I have read many others' posts and it appears that there is a lot of Knowledge here. Looking for help. I have only been involved with carts for about 6 months. The above images refer to my question. The FE350D-AS27 head on the left appears to be a lower...