1. Danny.prouty

    EZGO - No Power - Not the Valves - Air Assembly the Cause - Why??

    Loss of power in ezgo workhorse st350 when motor is warm/hot. Motor needs to fully cool before I have power again. I have adjusted valves to .004, .006, .008, .009, as well as the bottom out and then back 1/4 turn trick. No significant differences in performance at any of these lash settings...
  2. W

    Hyundai Gas Golf Cart Running Rich

    Hi there, I have a 2001 Hyundai gas Golf Cart with a Suzuki V270G 8.5 engine. The carburetor is running rich, does anyone know how to adjust it?
  3. helicopter911

    03 Club Car Carburetor Help

    I have an 03 Club Car Kawasaki engine and need some help. It needs a new carburetor but I’m not sure what to get? This is the serial # AG0347-350652. Engine # FE 290d-BS17. I’m sure somewhere there is something that gives an idea? Many thanks!