1. T

    2014 CC Precedent Braking Issue

    Just installed new, like replacement wheels/tires (18x8.5x8). Rides great (smooth & straight) but now upon braking the cart vibrates and shimmies violently. Pulled the rear wheels and inspected the brake pads and drums which seem ok. Brake pedal distance remained the same after wheel/tire...
  2. T

    Can a Lift Kit Effect Brakes?

    Need advice/direction please. I bought a 1992 EZGO Marathon and I recently put on a 4" lift kit. A few days after that my brakes have been super touchy. Almost putting us through the windshield the first time it happened, and the tires even screeched on the pavement. I'm not sure if it's a...
  3. Michael Kiewert

    Brake parts for a 2001 Workhorse ST480

    I need a left side loaded backing plate for a 2001 ezgo workhorse.
  4. HotRodCarts

    E-Z-GO Brake Job

    EZGO Golf Cart Brake Job How To First jack it up and place on stands safety is always first. Take the lugs loose and remove wheel & tire. Now for the fun part: First take the cable loose from the brake lever on the back side of the backing plate. Once this is loose work the brake lever back...