big block conversion

  1. whiteGIANT510

    Coming soon my new free toy part 2

    I'm picking this up on Tuesday. Another freeway Craigslist toy. Ad says it needs batteries and motor. I guess we will see. If it does I'm going for a predator 670 swap but with gas prices I may restore the electric drive.. I can't wait.
  2. S

    Big Block Conversion - Predator 670 V-Twin Engine Cradle - on EZ-GO ST-350

    Hello Crew...great little forum you guys have. I'm a first time poster here, so apologizes upfront if anything is amiss. I have an EZ-GO ST-350 that i am planning on converting to the Predator 670 V-Twin (got a steal of a deal on the Predator 670). I have done a lot of reading about this...