battery charge

  1. J

    Club Cart New Batteries Draining Quickly, Not Fully Charging

    Hello Everyone, We recently purchased a used Club Car 1988 36 volt golf cart. We got a good deal on it and the owner said it needed new batteries. So we purchased 6 new Brute Force batteries and runs a lot better. However I took it out for a spin earlier, the batteries were at 70%. Rode around...
  2. R

    Batteries Die Quickly

    I have a Club Car Precedent (2015). I just bought it and the batteries die quickly. I’m only getting a mile before battery light comes on. Then not long after it will flash, and I start losing all power around 3-4 miles. I should get more range than that right? I’ve tested batteries voltage 24...
  3. Jojoemb

    Battery Charger Making a Clicking Sound

    So, I have been trying to get my batteries back to life, if they can be. I didn't put water in them for a long time and just topped them off with distilled water. I’ve hooked up a trickle charger and gotten them some life. When I plug my battery charger in it flashes red and green lights while...
  4. Amber

    Searching for Fairplay Battery Diagram

    Hi everyone! First day on the forums here. Purchased a Fairplay 4person Legacy Transport at an auction this past weekend and when I went back to “collect” it Tuesday I discovered someone had helped themselves to one of my batteries since the auction on Saturday...smh...don’t want hook up a new...
  5. B

    Hooking Up XM Radio To My EZGO

    I’m new to the forum and thinking about hooking up XM radio to my golf cart. My question is would a vehicle dock for XM radio pull to much charge from the battery if I installed a 12v aux outlet onto the golf cart? I’ll be using a JBL Flip 4 as my speaker.
  6. HotRodCarts

    Battery State of Charge Percentages & FAQ

    Battery State of Charge Percentages 6-48 Volts Battery State of Charge Percentages 6-48 Volts Battery State of Charge Percentages 6-120 Volts Battery State of Charge Percentages 6-120 Volts Golf Cart Batteries