1. 2

    Trojan Hydrolink

    Are the Trojan hydrolink attachments removable? If so, what the technique? I’ve read online that they are not intended to be removed once installed. Seems kind of foolish. You have to get a whole new set for new batteries??? Thanks for any input!!
  2. P

    When to charge?

    I’m trying to figure out when I should be charging my 6 volt (36v cart) batteries. Some golf cart manufacturers say ok to charge after each use and others say to charge them when they get weak. I have new die hard deep cycle batteries. I’m wondering if anyone has read what die hard or any other...
  3. K

    Charging/Battery Issue

    I recently had my controller rebuilt on my 36volt EZGO TXT. While waiting I had batteries disconnected once I connected them and hooked the charger up it gets fault for under voltage. The charger is a Lester summit 2. Now it’s acting like it won’t detect the batteries at all and start charging...
  4. TomM1485

    Club Car Batteries Die After 1/2 Hour

    I have a 48 volt Club Car that is having a strange issue and the batteries die after a 1/2 hour. The golf cart goes from full charge to completely dead in a small amount of time. And it’s almost instantly. I tested all 6 batteries and when they were at full charge, all 6 read 8.5 volts. So...
  5. C

    One Battery Terminal Getting Really Hot

    2005 EZ-GO TXT 36-volt Golf Cart. Bought all new batteries this past Wednesday. Installed and we've ridden it every day since. Then, yesterday the golf cart stops completely. I take the seat off and immediately notice one of the battery terminals (-) is nearly broken completely off and really...
  6. L

    Dead batteries

    Hello, New to the forum and maybe an already asked question, but I have a 1993 Marathon with two 6 volt batteries out of six that will not take a charge. One reads 4.1 the other reads 3.8. Tried to charge luck. Could I replace these two and expect my cart to accept a charge...
  7. D

    New Batteries How Much Run Time Should I Expect

    Hi all, Im new to golf carts and just got a 1996 ezgo txt. i put in new 6v-2000 batteries (36v). on a full charge, how much run time or distance can i expect out of the unit? currently it has stock tires and is not lifted. i plan to do that soon but was curious what to expect. thanks
  8. adam wheeler

    Is it possible to add on more batteries for an extended range in your electric vehicle?

    So I discovered the world of SLV's ((slow moving vehicles)) out of a place of desperation, I could never afford a big car or insurance for one and I see allot of people using none plated golf carts all the time in my city of New Orleans and had a chat with one of the operators and they said...
  9. HotRodCarts

    Golf Cart Battery Break In

    Golf Cart Batteries New batteries should have about 25 "cycles" ( a charge and discharge not less than 50%) before they are used for extended run time. Maximum run time on new batteries should be 36 minutes. Using this method on new batteries should give you the best performance and life of...
  10. HotRodCarts

    Battery State of Charge Percentages

    Golf Cart Battery State of Charge Percentages 6-48 Volts Battery State of Charge Percentages 6-48 Volts Battery State of Charge Percentages 6-120 Volts Battery State of Charge Percentages 6-120 Volts
  11. HotRodCarts

    Golf Cart Battery Maintenance and Storage

    Electric Golf Cart Battery Maintenance :clubcar: Only add distilled water before charging if the level is below the plates. Then you would add until the plates are just covered. Then fill to proper level after fully charged. The level will rise as the batteries are charged. So if filled to...