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    2001 Club Car DS 48V Accelerator Question

    Hi, I am a first time golf cart owner (2001 Club Car DS 48V) and I am trying to learn how my golf cart is supposed to operate so I can trouble shoot an existing issue. I have looked on line for this answer but have not found it yet so reaching out here for any knowledge. My first question...
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    EZ-GO TXT Accelerator Problem

    We have a ~2002 EZ-GO TXT with a curtis controller. We replaced the batteries with Lithium Ion batteries 18 months ago. When you press down the accelerator, the cart goes to 100% acceleration immediately rather than gradually ramping up, then if you continue to press further, when you'd get to...
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    Club Car Precedent With Acceleration Issues

    We have a 2011 Club Car Precedent I2 Excel with acceleration issues. When driving it, it loses speed as you are driving. It kind of stutters some. We have isolated the problem to the accelerator peddle. When you press down as hard as you can, it doesn’t do it. If you simply push the peddle all...