1. S

    Club Car with EZ-GO Charger

    Hi everybody! I recently bought a 1986 Club Car DS 36v. It runs but it's slow. I'd like to convert it to 48v as I already have a 48v charger. Problem is it's an EZ-GO Delta-Q SC-48 charger. I happen to have a spare receptacle and charger controller that I'm thinking about installing on my cart...
  2. Jimmyallenjr

    Upgrading Club Car 2000.5 from 36v to 48v

    I am looking to upgrade the batteries but haven't had any luck in finding anyone who can tell me if it is even possible, and if so, what will it entail? It has a new motor that supposedly can handle 48v, but it also has the v-glide and coil system... Is it possible to upgrade the batteries to...
  3. B

    2011 EZGO TXTE Shorted Key Switch to Turn Siginal Switch

    Thanks for looking. I have looked at many post and youtube videos trying to figure this out my self. I am at a loss. Local shop said its the controller with out even seeing cart. would like a second opinion... or as many opinions as I can get. 2011 EZGO TXTE 48 volt cart ran fine when I put new...
  4. Cole W.

    48 Volt 2016 EZGO Wont Charge

    I have a 2016 48 volt EZGO golf cart. Problem is it wont charge. When i plug it in the charger which is a Delta q SC48 the light will blink red and green which signals a fault. This problem hasn't been an issue until we had 2 usb ports installed. The golf cart still drives normally but just...
  5. kraig

    48 Volt EZGO Stopped Charging

    Hello, I am working on a 48 volt EZGO TXTand it stopped charging. The charger is a powerwise qe and when you first plug it into the cart it flashes green/red really fast. Then it’s a red then green and repeat. The thing is on the three prong triangle charging plug the center wire is a gray cases...
  6. J

    48 Volt 1998 Club Car DS Suddenly Runs Slow

    I have a 1998 Club Car DS 48volt that will run fine then suddenly runs super slow even to the point that I have to push it up a hill. I replaced all the batteries because I bought it used 2 years ago and dont know how old they were. It did not solve the problem. Going up the hill it would make a...