1. J

    Club Cart New Batteries Draining Quickly, Not Fully Charging

    Hello Everyone, We recently purchased a used Club Car 1988 36 volt golf cart. We got a good deal on it and the owner said it needed new batteries. So we purchased 6 new Brute Force batteries and runs a lot better. However I took it out for a spin earlier, the batteries were at 70%. Rode around...
  2. P

    36 Volt Club Car Controller Wiring

    I have a 1993 Club Car 36 volt with a solid state motor controller and all the wiring diagrams I find only have 3 large connections. This one has 4 and there are 2 6 gauge white wires left unconnected. If I thought it was safe to assume that they go to the A-2 term on the controller but you know...
  3. kraig

    Increasing Range on a 36 Volt EZGO TXT PDS Golf Cart

    Hello, I was wanting to add two extra 6 volt batteries to my 36v and still keep it 36 volts. The desired effect is increasing the range or run time on my EZGO TXT PDS golf cart. Can I add them in parallel whilst keeping the original 6v batts in series? Will this produce the desired effect?