1. R

    2001 Yamaha G16 36v Wiring

    Hello everyone, I stripped down a 2001 Yamaha G16 and now cannot remember how it was wired. I downloaded what I think is a schematic but after wiring it according to what I have, it doesn't work. I know the following......key ignition is good. I can hear the solenoid engage.....battery pack...
  2. T

    EZGO TXT Will Run and Lose Power Then Slow Down to a Dead Stop

    I recently purchased a used 2012 electric 36v Ezgo txt from a private seller. The issue we’re having is when we are driving it in forward it will go and then all of a sudden it just loses power and slows down to a dead stop. Once you turn the key off and on again or switch from neutral back to...
  3. S

    Club Car with EZ-GO Charger

    Hi everybody! I recently bought a 1986 Club Car DS 36v. It runs but it's slow. I'd like to convert it to 48v as I already have a 48v charger. Problem is it's an EZ-GO Delta-Q SC-48 charger. I happen to have a spare receptacle and charger controller that I'm thinking about installing on my cart...
  4. Jimmyallenjr

    Upgrading Club Car 2000.5 from 36v to 48v

    I am looking to upgrade the batteries but haven't had any luck in finding anyone who can tell me if it is even possible, and if so, what will it entail? It has a new motor that supposedly can handle 48v, but it also has the v-glide and coil system... Is it possible to upgrade the batteries to...
  5. J

    Club Cart New Batteries Draining Quickly, Not Fully Charging

    Hello Everyone, We recently purchased a used Club Car 1988 36 volt golf cart. We got a good deal on it and the owner said it needed new batteries. So we purchased 6 new Brute Force batteries and runs a lot better. However I took it out for a spin earlier, the batteries were at 70%. Rode around...
  6. P

    36 Volt Club Car Controller Wiring

    I have a 1993 Club Car 36 volt with a solid state motor controller and all the wiring diagrams I find only have 3 large connections. This one has 4 and there are 2 6 gauge white wires left unconnected. If I thought it was safe to assume that they go to the A-2 term on the controller but you know...
  7. kraig

    Increasing Range on a 36 Volt EZGO TXT PDS Golf Cart

    Hello, I was wanting to add two extra 6 volt batteries to my 36v and still keep it 36 volts. The desired effect is increasing the range or run time on my EZGO TXT PDS golf cart. Can I add them in parallel whilst keeping the original 6v batts in series? Will this produce the desired effect?