36v ignition switch

  1. skylerestes

    1988 EZGO Marathon Ignition Switch Questions

    Backstory: picked up a 1988 EZGO Marathon in good overall condition for next to nothing. Batteries were toast so got a set of new pro series. Previous owner had rigged a toggle switch for the ignition. Wiring was pretty messy with that and stuff was sloppy. Fast forward to battery install and...
  2. B

    Wiring 3 Position Ignition Switch

    I am replacing my ignition switch, the old switch was a 3 pole, the new is a 4 pole 3 position. Unfortunately this cart is a '81, so the wires are in bad shape and I cannot tell where they go. I have a 36v to 12v converter for the accessories. The best I can tell the other two wires go to the...
  3. B

    EZGO Ignition Switch Missing

    I recently aquired a 98 EZGO 36 volt golf cart. The cart had all batteries removed. As well as the ignition lock cylinder missing. After replacing all of the batteries. I am trying to find out how to wire in an ignition switch, but have no idea where the wires need to go. Any help would be...