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    2001 Yamaha G16 36v Wiring

    Hello everyone, I stripped down a 2001 Yamaha G16 and now cannot remember how it was wired. I downloaded what I think is a schematic but after wiring it according to what I have, it doesn't work. I know the following......key ignition is good. I can hear the solenoid engage.....battery pack...
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    EZGO TXT Electric Golf Cart Intermittently Runs

    My 98 EZGO TXT electric golf cart intermittently runs. Has been this way for several years. Replaced my solenoid last year and the problem persist. Last week it just quit running altogether. Someone said it could be the ITS so I replaced that. Still nothing. I was testing the system today and...
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    My First Harley Davidson 4 Wheel Golf Cart

    This is my first Harley Davidson 4 wheel golf cart and it is a time capsule. No damage and nothing missing. Top is in great shape. It's a true barn find. I usually redo the carts I buy but this one is completely original I'm not sure that's the way to go. I don't want to ruin a classic complete...