2 stroke

  1. Ewoo6539

    74 Harley Davidson Play In Connecting Rod

    Well I just picked up a 74 Harley Davidson 3 wheeler, for $200. I restored one a few years back, and it worked out ok, but after tear down of the engine this one as expected the top end needs to be rebuilt. But it seems to have an awful lot of play in the connecting rod, these have the 2 piece...
  2. A

    85 EZGO Wiring Help Engine Cranks As Soon As It's In Gear

    I just got a 1985 EZGO with a botched wiring job and need some help straightening it out. Im trying to rewire it back to original. It currently runs but the engine cranks as soon shifting into gear instead of when the gas pedal is depressed. I feel i have looked over the wiring diagram a million...