1. Wickedwhiting

    1991 EZGO Marathon Smokes After Warm

    I am very lucky to have recently been givin a 1991 ezgo marathon. It was owned by my father in laws father. After washing it up, it’s in mint condition. After a new battery and a new fuel it seems to drive very well, that is until it get warmed up. After about 4 or 5 blocks she starts to smoke...
  2. anoymouse

    EZGO Marathon Lights Not Working

    OK, The lights are not working my EZGO Marathon. I found this wire loom that runs from the rear lights into the fuse block on the right rear fender. There is no working horn, headlights or rear lights. I have determined that this loom is independent of anything having todo with the drive system...
  3. anoymouse

    1991 Marathon: Sound like classic solenoid?

    So I test drove this cart for 3-4 minutes...ran well. Now that I got it home I noted that forward sometimes seems to not engage from a start and at least once (out of dozens of runs) it seemed to lose forward while at speed...but a simple restart from a stop had it back in shape. Reverse is...