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    Wiring 12 Volt Lights to 16 Volts on a 48 Volt Golf Cart

    I am about to add some brake lights to my 2013 EZGO TXT (had it two weeks). I noticed my turn signals recently added by the dealer, pick off the voltage from two adjacent batteries in the pack. Since it is a 48 volt golf cart and these are 8 volt batteries, I have deduced that is 1 6volts (no...
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    Club Car Accessory Wiring

    Hello. Weven have a 48v Club Car, and I would like any help on the right way to wire a few accessories. We have a kill switch, 48v to 12v converter, and a negative bus fuse block. We currently have a radio, led light bar with rear lights, 2-12v outlets, and a winch. We would like to have...