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    Harley Golf Cart Starts Randomly

    Years ago, NAPA used to have a 100% duty cycle solenoid for golf carts. Have not checked lately.
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    Harley Davidson Golf Cart Wiring Fire

    Remove each wire, one at a time and replace with the same size wire to the same terminals. Keep at it until all wires are replaced. This breaks the wiring down into small pieces rather than the large wiring loom.
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    What's a 1970 Harley Davidson Golf Cart Worth

    I have an 82 D3 that runs very well. I will not sell for less than $1,000 as a newer cart is worth $3,000. They both get you from here to there.
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    Harley Davidson Golf Cart Won't Start - Need a Service Manual

    There are cheap Chinese carburetors on Ebay for about $30 and they do seem to work. The fuel pump is in the carburetor so a new one should be looked at. Replace all fuel lines from the tank to the carburetor. There is also a hose inside the tank to pickup fuel. Change that too. Make sure inside...